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In our showroom we display samples of the 4 main colors of 80% and 90% solar screen:
Brown - Black - Stucco - Grey
We also have a wide range of samples of frame colors mixing and matching with each screen color. Do not get into the 'black hole' syndrome, there are options. Many companies want to put the least expensive black on black, no crossbar screens up, and you end up with dungeon windows. We at Texan Solar Screens take time to go over the options of your individual home and what color options might be the best for you. Ultimately it is your job to decide, but it is our job to make sure you made the best choice.

Texan Solar Screens have been installing screens for over a decade in the Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Tomball and Kingwood areas. Give us a call today or fill out our Measuring Quote Form and fax in! Ask for
The Screen King!


Roll Away Solar Screens

Our Roll Away shades are the best of both worlds. Strong effective 80-90% solar screen material, with the ability to roll it down for protection, or leave up when not needed. Great for the back patio when the sun only hits you late afternoon!

These high quality roll a way shades are in expensive and easy to mount. Give the Screen King a call today and we can start the process of getting you a bid.

Texan Solar Screens is the best at providing either fixed solar screens, or retractable solar screens in Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Tomball and Kingwood areas. Want to install yourself, we wholesale and we ship. Give us a call today! Ask for
The Screen King!

TSS ScreenTSS Screen
                       90% Brown                                                90% Black

TSS Screen
           Durable Metal Mounting Brackets and Chain comes in many colors.

TSS Screen
Weighted bar at bottom for stability, choose colors, also grommets for tying off.

Bug Screens & ReScreens

Texan Bug Screens

Leaf Spring

Pull Tabs

Texan is also the leader in bug screens and rescreens. We can rescreen those torn bug screens you have had for years, if the frames are in good condition. If the frames are in bad condition, bent and new ones are needed, no problem. We can match almost any window manufacturers screen and frames.

Cost is very inexpensive for either. A typical rescreen runs $18.50 - $25. A typical bug screen runs around $30-$40. Give us a call today and we can tackle any problem.

Bug screens normally come in black or grey, nylon and aluminum. Usually there are leaf springs on the top and pull tabs on the bottom. Bring us your old ones to match, or call us with your size and specs. You can also fax in our quote form and we will call you back with a quote.


Give us a call today! Ask for
The Screen King!

Do Solar Screens Work?

A 1985 University of Texas study found exterior solar screens with a (Shading Coefficent) SC=0.14 (best in 1985, much better now) to be 3 times as effective as interior alternatives, including curtains and blinds, and 2 times more effective than film and awnings.

The same study showed solar screens to yield overall annual energy cost savings of 14%, summer peak load reduction of 22% and annual cooling energy savings of 32%.

A ten year old HL&P study of solar screens indicated approximate monthly savings of $1.50 per 3ft. x 5ft. window, or $0.10 per square foot of covered glass. HL&P / Reliant's website discussion of energy implications for windows states that "heat gain from the sun's rays through windows can increase demand on A/C systems by 30%, ...and thats important (here in Houston) where air conditioning can account for 60% of a homeowner's summer monthly electric bill."

Using the technical information from the above sources, and LAST year's energy costs, approximate monthly savings of $2.50 per 3 ft. x 5 ft. window, or $0.17 per square foot of covered glass were realized. This yields a full house solar screen job pays back in less than 2 years.

Now to the important math. with a 50% increase in energy costs, 60% of which will be attributed to A/C operations, means a 10% increase in the savings above. The monthly savings per window becomes $2.78 and the payback is reduced to approximately 1 1/2 years.

The US Department of Energy states that exterior shading devices are about 50% more effective than internal devices at blocking solar heat. It has been stated that shading your windows and doors from the outside can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 15-20 degrees. Shading from the inside, such as tinting, shades or blinds will allow the heat to get inside your house. This will not produce as good of effect as exterior shading.

Texan Solar Screens

What Are The Benefits of Solar Screens?

They appear dark from the outside, hence increasing the privacy of your home, yet they maintain the outward visibility. Open up your blinds and see whats going on outside, while still maintaing your privacy. During the day you can not see into your home, even with open blinds. The reduction of room temperature can be up to 15 - 20 degrees. You can have major savings on your energy costs, not to mention help to preserve your a/c units by not working as hard.

Ever have certain rooms that you just can't seem to cool? Texan Solar Screens are the answer to your problems.

Another major benefit is UV protection for your couches, furniture, drapes, and carpets. Help reduce fading and discoloration by protecting your assets with Texan Solar Screens.



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